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CEO Statement


VMO was founded in 2012 by a group of people who are passionate about technology and want to dedicatedly bring practical values to society. With young and enthusiastic employees, we always want to accompany clients to create and develop high quality products for users.

Over many years of construction and continuous innovation, we understand that the development of VMO has today is thanks to the practical values we provide to, and the satisfaction and trust we receive from our clients.

To the clients, we put their benefits first. With the transparency and dedication that VMO has built over years, we always take the highest responsibility and commitment for every product we make.

To our staff, internally, we have been the place where every member can freely express themselves, find their passion and creativity and develop. Sharing and listening are the principles in creating a professional and fair working environment, thereby creating practical values for each employee and the cohesive team of VMO.

These core values have been, and will always be the guideline that helps us constantly perfect, improve professional skills and update new technologies to bring the highest efficiency in terms of cost and time to clients.

Hoang Tuan HAI - CEO

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Whatever your ambition, we’d love to design and build your next big idea or lend a hand on an existing one.